The Perfect Smoothie

The Perfect Meal Time Smoothie Ingredients

Smoothies can be a blessing or a curse. You can load them with high quality superfood ingredients that can keep you satisfied, help maintain stable blood sugar, energy, and mood, and also help your body function at its best. Or, you can load up on a bunch of added simple sugars that cause a massive blood sugar spike followed by the crash and the inevitable munchies that follow shortly after as you seek your next sugar high.

What’s the secret to the perfect smoothie?

You want ingredients that support a stable blood sugar to prolong satiation, avoid fat storage and get the most out of our smoothie. You also want to pack as many health-boosting ingredients into it as possible, and of course, it’s got to taste good! So, the keys to success are all in the special ingredients you pick

Look for these perfect smoothie ingredients:

Protein: Protein is essential in life especially if you’re active and/or trying to lose or gain weight. It’s super satisfying and will help you build and protect lean mass. You’ll want to make sure you have a super clean protein powder that is not sweetened with anything artificial.

Fiber: Fiber is necessary because it’s satiating and will help slow the absorption and curb the blood sugar spike that would come from simple sugars. Fiber is also mostly indigestible, so it can help you eat fewer calories all day long while helping you feel full.

Healthy Fat: Adding a little healthy fat to a smoothie can help it feel more like a meal. Plant based fats like avocado, peanut butter and coconut oil will all provided satiation, interesting flavor, and nutrient density.

Energy: Energy is another word for calories. If you’re using your smoothie as a meal, it’s got to be substantial and provide you with enough energy to last a few hours. Keep in mind, not all calories are crated equal. In addition to protein, fiber and fat, you’ll want your smoothie to have energy from nutrient-dense foods like fruits and greens.

Added Bonuses: Since you’re putting this all in the blender, this is the perfect time to sneak in some superfoods you may not otherwise get. This is why the Skinny Shake™ products are so handy! Just one serving of their protein powder delivers over 36 superfood ingredients that operate as silent soldiers to help strengthen your immunity, help prevent disease, and help you feel your best.

The Perfect Smoothie Recipe:

1 handful fresh Kale

½ cup frozen or fresh Blueberries

1 scoop Very Vanilla Skinny Shake

¼ tsp Cinnamon

1 T ground Flax Seeds

2 tsp Coconut Oil

¼ cup raw Oats

½ cup Ice

1 ½ – 2 cups filtered Water

Nutrition: 380 calories, 16g fat, 12g fiber, 13g sugar, 22g protein

Directions: Add all ingredients to the blender in the order listed in ingredients list.

This really is the perfect smoothie and is a great way to start the day, recover from a lunchtime workout or even get in high quality nutrition at night if cooking dinner isn’t your jam.

What are some of your favorite smoothie ingredients?

About the author: Teresa Marie Howes, BS, CPT, CHN, HHP

Teresa is a holistic nutritionist, certified personal trainer, avid runner, published author, and cheif nutrition advisor for SkinnyCo.  She is backed with a formal education in nutrition, over 17 years of professional experience consulting in the weight loss and wellness industries and has a board certification from the AADP. She is the lead blogger at the healthy lifestyle blog Eat, Drink and be Skinny and the creator of the Clean & Colorful Solution. Fired up with optimism and enthusiasm, she is committed to helping individuals everywhere adopt a cleaner lifestyle by implementing small lifestyle changes that add up to massive improvements in health and happiness over time.

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