SkinnyCo Cares

A central component of our mission is to promote the overall health and wellbeing of our community. We are grateful to our loyal customers who support this goal. In addition to a deep belief in improving the health and wellness of our customers, we are committed to the battle against food insecurity and hunger.

What is food insecurity and hunger?

It is very difficult to measure hunger. In our country, there is a complicated process to evaluate and assess if a person or family is living in a state of hunger or has limited access to food. Food insecurity, by definition, is a situation where access to adequate food is limited by a lack of money and other resources at times during the year. Another way to consider the situation is that households dealing with food insecurity are struggling to avoid hunger. We find this unacceptable. Therefore, we need to look at the issue from a broader perspective.

Join The Skinny Revolution!

The health and wellness of our communities is critical to the health of our society at large. We will donate 1% of all sales to Feeding America. Feeding America is a nationwide network of more than two-hundred food banks that lead the fight against food insecurity and hunger in our local communities. They are feeding millions of people. In addition, Feeding America supports education and advocacy programs that work to eradicate the root causes of hunger.

Feeding America is a strong, established organization. Less than 10% of their revenue is used for administrative and other costs. Most importantly, they get results.

FEEDING AMERICA® and the FEEDING AMERICA® "wheat" logo are registered trademarks of Feeding America in the US.


Fight hunger

To fight the war on hunger, we need you on our side. We intend to amplify our voices by using social media to inform and educate other communities about hunger, food insecurity, and solutions that work.

Look for #SkinnyCoCares posts. They will contain information about issues, events, and activities that you can join to make a difference. Whether it’s a call to action to support a certain food bank or an email campaign to your local senator, share these posts and post your own to amplify the message.

#DoSkinny DoGood

Your voice and actions are powerful. Feeding programs need donations to exist. We will act when we find a specific need or want to back an important program.

You’ve heard of Flash Sales. Well, we are expanding the concept. We will randomly announce FLASH GIVE EVENTS events on social media. During the Flash Give Events, we will donate $1 for every Skinny Shake® product selfie or positive post made to our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) endorsing the fundraiser and using the hashtag #DoSkinnyDoGood. We believe that this is a fast and fun way to make a meaningful difference. Don’t you? Join The Skinny Revolution!™


#SkinnyCoCares #DoSkinny DoGood