The Skinny on Skinny

Balancing a Life in Motion

Skinny is Wellness Simplified. This is a chance to redefine the concept of healthy and proactive eating in your own life with delicious, all-natural and nutritious foods and snacks. Our primary goal is to develop products that are universal in their health benefits in an effort to help you reach your maximum daily potential, regardless of your lifestyle. Skinny was founded, and is maintained every day, with the idea that everyone deserves to feel their best, no matter who they are or what they do. Our products were made for athletes, overworked executives, teenagers, busy parents and less active consumers. We all encounter obstacles that can keep us from doing our best each day. Thanks to Skinny, the food we eat no longer has to be one of them.

Next-Level Nutrition and Versatility

Each one of us is different and unique. This is true of our eating habits, our lifestyles, our levels of exercise and the amount time and effort we invest in our overall fitness. Some of us go for daily walks in the park; others do yoga or pilates on a weekly basis and some of us don’t get to exercise as much as we’d like to. At Skinny, we believe that you should have enough energy and vitality on a daily basis to do what you want, no matter the level of impact. Our products are not to meant to substitute any of your daily eating or fitness habits; but rather to supplement them. Made with delicious, satisfying and natural ingredients, our innovative recipes were developed to help sustain and grow your current energy level.

Skinny Shake® Powders – A Delicious and Healthy Energy Source

Our Skinny Shake® products are a delectable and satisfying way to own and conquer each day, no matter what lies ahead. Available in Chocolate and Vanilla, our delicious and natural protein shakes are just what you need to get that critical burst of energy between meals. Skinny offers an extensive variety of protein-shake recipes designed to target a range of health issues, from weight loss to low energy. We also have a wide variety of recipes for smoothies, snacks and breakfast delicacies that will help you be active and energized all day long. Be bold. Be powerful. Be you.

Skinny’s ultimate goal is to provide the products you need to maintain an active lifestyle, no matter what that may look like. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to wellness, we’re just here to make your unique path easier and more satisfying. Start browsing our delicious inventory of products today.