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SkinnyCo is Wellness Simplified

Our Skinny Shake® products are as versatile as you, whether you are using them for energy, or just to keep your diet in check. Blend with a banana and milk for a post workout pick-me-up, or keep a Skinny Go Pack in your pocket to mix with water between meetings. There is no wrong way to Do the Skinny Shake™.

When you Join the Skinny Revolution!™ you are joining a community. All members of the community are encouraged to share their experiences with current and prospective members. We love hearing about how we’ve improved the lives of our customers on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Why Skinny Shake® Products?

Each Skinny serving has:

140 Calories
16 Grams of Protein
5 Grams of Sugar
25 Vitamins and Minerals

With the added benefit of:

Goji Berry
Chia Seed Powder
Horseradish Tree Leaf (Moringa)
& more!

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