Skinny Shake® protein powder, It’s What’s For Breakfast.


“What’s for Breakfast?”

It is often quoted that, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, and most would agree.  Especially, as we gear up for the school year and prepare for the approaching winter months.  For adults and children alike, both mental and physical preparation is key.  

Here at SkinnyCo, we know that breakfast has an impactful effect on the behavior and academic performance of both children and adolescents [1] As adults, we too will not perform at peak efficiency without fueling up with a healthy breakfast at the start of every day.

Mastering Morning Malaise

We as a nation are concerned about sending children off to a school day well-nourished and prepared.  Sometimes though, a bowl of lower nutrient, sugary cereal is the best we can do.  Worse yet, as adults, we often completely neglect our own nutritional needs.  

Research by The NPD Group [2] found that nearly 31 million Americans skip breakfast daily, often opting for coffee as the boost they require to get their day started.  Wage earners are in a rush to get out the door every morning.  The simple solution is a “grab-and-go” morning meal from any of the abundant fast food or coffee spots that dot almost every urban corner.

Skinny Shake® Protein Powder Saves The Day!

SkinnyCo has a healthy solution.  We have developed our delicious Skinny Shake® protein powder to afford everyone the opportunity to give themselves high-quality nutrition in less than 5 minutes.  For those who would otherwise skip breakfast entirely, our Very Vanilla Belgian Chocolate Skinny Shake® Go Packs provide a nutrient packed boost of energy to kick off your day.  

Here at SkinnyCo wellness is king.  While our Skinny Shake® protein powders are not meant to replace meals entirely, they are intended to supplement meals helping to build and sustain health, energy, and vitality.  

In the SkinnyCo kitchen, Skinny Shake® protein powder supplements are enhancing recipes that are being developed into quick and nourishing morning meals easily prepared in as fast as 5 minutes.  Some recipes can be made the day before for an even more convenient “on-the-go” meal.  We hope you’ll try our recipes as we share them over the coming months.  Share your pictures and let us know what you think!

Join the SkinnyCo Community, and make Skinny Shake® a part of your morning routine.  “SkinnyCo is Wellness Simplified.”






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